No room on your truck for your ride? Tow it instead! The Cruiser Caddie ST lets you take your other best friend wherever you want to go. Don't let its stylish good looks fool you: its rugged, durable construction can carry up to a ton of cargo!


"Your rampless trailers go above and beyond what you needed to do."
— Actual Competitor’s Comment







Don’t trust your $20,000 bike to a trailer that
simply isn't up to the task!


The Cruiser Caddie ST multi-use trailer System:

  • Carries up to one full ton! More than enough for your bike, ATV, snowmobile, or riding mower!
  • Constructed of durable, heavy-duty, quality materials for years of dependable service!
  • Features a spacious 4 x 8-foot bed that tilts for easy, single-handed loading and off-loading!
  • Allows for secure, worry-free towing with easy tie-down and hook-up!
  • Compact, low-profile design decreases wind resistance and makes for fuel-efficient towing!
  • New Models Coming soon! The CruiserCaddie ST Double Trailer and Trike Trailer!


Affordable priced at just $3195 (plus shipping)
For more information or to order, call toll-free: 1-800-788-8284

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